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Biardo Survival Suits BV was founded in 1986.

We are specialized in Rental, Maintenance, Handling and Sales of ETSO/EASA & IMO/SOLAS approved safety products.The focus of Biardo Survival Suits BV is always on ‘safety’. Biardo always offers customers the best safety services for their needs.


For over 35 years we rent out survival suits and lifejackets for offshore use and helicopter transportation.

Biardo has a large pool of ETSO/EASA & IMO/SOLAS approved safety products, like rental helicopter transportation suits, survival suits, work suits and rental lifejackets & PLB’s, which almost every offshore company can use.


Biardo Survival Suits BV is one of the few companies who are qualified to repair ETSO/EASA approved helicopter transportation suits and lifejackets. All maintenance is performed against the highest standards available. All Maintenance we provide is according to the highest quality maintenance program EASA part 145. We also maintain all kinds of SOLAS approved survival suits, lifejackets and PLB’s.

Biardo introduces extra measures to optimize hygiene of survival suits and lifejackets.


Biardo Survival Suits BV has a professional distribution network. Our distribution centers are located in Heemskerk and at helicopter airport in Den Helder. From these locations we supply our customers with any equipment they need; helicopter transportation suits, working suits, Life Jackets & PLB’s for offshore use, with ETSO/EASA & IMO/SOLAS approvals.


All our safety equipment can be purchased. Sometimes there are more benefits to rent survival suits, lifejackets or PLB’s.

We sell many different types of survival suits, such as working survival suits, immersion suits, helicopter transportation suits, Ships pilot suits and trainings suits. We also have lifejackets with rebreather system or EBS (ETSO), SOLAS Life jackets and personal locator beacons.

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