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The PTS003 is an ETSO/EASA approved survival suit for helicopter transportation. It is one of our new developments for your safety! We have used the feedback of our passengers to optimize the PTS003 helicopter transportation suit. The PTS003 helicopter transportation suit is easy to put on, because of the U-zipper.

A production- or drilling platform is a fire danger area. Especially when helicopters have to be refueled. The PTS003 is fire retardant, because of the Gore-Tex Nomex 3 layer and the use of Fire retardant Neoprene hood, gloves, wrist- and neck seals. This survival suit is 100% watertight. Because of the breathability of the Gore-Tex it is very comfortable to wear. Using the PTS003 helicopter transportation suit will increase the chance to survive in case of emergency. Your safety is our concern!


  • ETSO approved
  • Made of Gore/Tex-Nomex 3 layer OWFS
  • Fire retardant Nomex-Gore/Tex
  • PTS003 with U zipper
  • 100% watertight
  • Detachable lining with zipper, made of FR breathable Nomex
  • Lining with integrated Silver+ technology, more hygienic
  • Neoprene fire retardant neck and wrist seals
  • Hood and gloves made of FR neoprene
  • No obstackles like valves and zippers on the outside
  • Socks
  • Big pockets
  • SOLAS reflective materials
  • Very easy to put on & comfortable to wear
  • Instruction on pockets/knees
  • Developed with users
  • Sizes: XSmall – XXXXLarge

Our new PTS helicopter suits with the next safety innovation:

  • Fire retardant neck seal
  • Fire retardant wrist seals (cuff)
  • Fire retardant lining with SILVER+, much more comfort and hygiene
  • No obstacles on the outside
  • No valves
  • No zippers
  • This makes salvage more easy
  • Our PTS003 & PTS004 are provided with Silver+ lining
  • Freshness and hygiene during wearing/using a textile
  • Laundry gets hygienically clean even at 40 °C
  • Outstanding wash permanence
  • Saving of laundries
  • Synergism of hygiene management and optimised moisture transport
  • Silver+ a.k.a. Silver plus
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