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SeaLion Europe 275N Crew Lifejacket

SeaLion Europe Crew is a flexible lifejacket specifically designed for operational pilots and crew. It is certified for use together with our SeaAir EBS II that is integrated by means a removable hip/back pocket that can be positioned so it does not interfere with operating the helicopter. (SeaAir EBS II is purchased separately). This lifejacket is also designed for use together with our SeaAir Europe Crew suit.

Together the suit and lifejacket form complete safety concept for offshore helicopter pilots and flight crew.


  • The lifejacket has a modern, slim and easy to wear design with Cat A compressed air EBS integrated in side / back pocket
  • Prepared for integration of Cat A EBS (SeaAir EBS), approved by CAA-UK in accordance with CAP 1034
  • Please note: SeaAir EBS is delivered separately
  • 300N buoyancy lifejacket lung
  • Manually activated 60g CO₂-cylinder
  • Main buckle i stainless steel, with simple adjustment for various body sizes
  • The vest is attached to a back yoke that provides a very good offloading back and shoulders – a vest that can be used for hours
  • Molle-system for flexible attachment of SeaAir EBS on the side/back
  • Sprayhood, crotch strap, water activated emergency light and whistle
  • Helicopter Pilot lifejacket with integrated compressed air EBS approved by CAA-UK
  • Comfortable, snug fit with easy access to Emergency Breathing System
  • SeaLion Europe Pilot is specifically designed for pilot use and flexibility in daily operations
  • Approved with state-of-the-art compressed air EBS, SeaAir EBS
  • The lifejacket is designed to work in conjunction with SeaAir Europe Pilot/ HP ETSO Suit
  • The concept consisting of CA EBS, Suit and Lifejacket forms a complete safety system for helicopter crew flying offshore
  • Certified to EASA ETSO 2C504; – and for integration with SeaAir EBS to CAA-UK CAP 1034
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