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This suit has been in active service for over 25 years and is still a favorite amongst offshore workers. Designed for demanding work on deck and for rescue personnel during evacuation of ships, as well as for use in MOB boats. 100% waterproof and flame-retardant outer material, with flotation foam that both insulates and provides buoyancy. A very solid work suit with steel toe-capped boots. The suit is certified for use without a lifejacket.


  • For heavy duty work on deck, in case of evacuation and for MOB operations
  • Detachable inner lining in 3mm buoyancy foam with closed cells for insulation and buoyancy
  • Unique double layer hood – inner part in neoprene for insulation and outer layer in suit fabric for wind protection
  • Solid waterproof zip (metal)
  • Reinforcements in PU on elbows, knees and seat
  • Integral work boots with protective steel cap
  • 3-finger gloves in sleeve pockets
  • Zip and elastic panels in legs for tight fit
  • Buddy line with floating hook
  • Whistle and emergency light
  • Double entry pockets on both thighs
  • 9 reflective patches
  • SOLAS approved and in accordance with LSA-code MED 1.6c as a Anti Exposure Suit (AES), designed to be worn without a lifejacket
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