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WamBlee PLB Personal Locator Beacon with AIS

The W470 MOB AIS is an extremely small and light personal safety device. Working on VHF maritime band as MOB AIS and Homing VHF 121.5 MHz, complete with GPS positioning. This Personal locator beacon with AIS can be worn around the neck by its flexible silicone rubber covered antenna or it can be fitted directly into the lifejacket or lifeboat.
It can be manually activated (by pressing the large button) or automatically through the marine sensors. It is equipped with built-in high efficiency flashing led.

The W470 Personal locator beacon with AIS simultaneously emits a number of SAR signals including an AIS message (AIS MOB on channel 1 & 2) and a homing signal at 121.5MHz in compliance with the ETSI 302961. The emission of several signals which are received by the SAR rescue units, will increases the chances for people in distress to be localised.


  • Light, compact and easy to wear
  • Simple to use
  • Manual and automatic activation
  • Emission frequency: 121.5 MHz and AIS channels 1 & 2
  • Flexible antenna
  • ATEX II 3G Ex ic IIB T4 Gc
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