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Service provider for all types of safety equipment at Biardo Survival Suits

Biardo Survival Suits BV has a high quality maintenance program according to
EASA part 145 for helicopter transportation suits, survival suits, lifejackets and PLB's.

Biardo Survival Suits BV is one of the few companies who are qualified to repair ETSO approved helicopter transportation suits and lifejackets. The suits will be cleaned, tested and if necessary repaired in our maintenance center in Heemskerk, the Netherlands.

We also maintain all kinds of SOLAS approved survival suits, lifejackets and PLB’s.

All maintenance is performed against the highest standards available.

When required we can vacuum pack your equipment, it does not only protect your equipment it provides you an extended service interval.

When we are servicing your equipment, you can rent temporarily equipment to prevent having any downtime at your project.

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