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SeaAir1 survival suit represented a step forward in safety for helicopter passengers when it was introduced in 2008. The was widely acclaimed and received the Award for Design Excellence from the Norwegian Design Council in 2008. It is an advanced suit and in addition to ETSO-certification it has an IMO Solas 6-hour certification and acceptance from Norwegian Maritime Directorate when used with Self Righting unit. The suit is intended for
helicopter transport of personnel to and from offshore oil fields. The suit is packed with safety features such as its emergency breathing system (re-breather), personal locator beacon (PLB), sprayhood for face protection, emergency light, buddy line, etc. The suit is designed to be used without a lifejacket and it is possible to top up the level of inflation manually for increased comfort and freeboard. An “intelligent” lining fabric stabilize the inside temperature of the suit and reduces body heat significantly.


  • ETSO & SOLAS approved
  • The only integrated helicopter passenger suit on the market, no extra lifejacket required
  • Triple certification; EASA ETSO + IMO Solas + Norwegian Maritime
  • Direcorate
  • For offshore, helicopter transport and as a personal abandonment suit on installations
  • Good fit, insulated, temperature regulating material in lining
  • HP ERBS Emergency re-breather integrated (Cat B)
  • Outer layer of 100% waterproof, flame retardant fabric
  • Approved emergency light, buddy line, integrated lifting strap and open collar for rescue
  • Insulated three finger gloves with waterproof zipper and inside cuffs with pulse warmer
  • Integrated manually inflatable buoyancy lung in collar for freeboard and comfort in the sea
  • Prepared for NMD-approved automatic self-righting system
  • Designed for optimized comfort while seated

Our new PTS004 training suit with the next safety innovation:

  • Fire retardant Nomex-Gore/Tex
  • Model according to the PTS004 with diagonal zipper
  • 100% watertight
  • Neoprene FR neck and wrist seals
  • Hood and gloves made of FR neoprene
  • No obstacles like valves and zippers on the outside
  • Socks
  • Big pockets
  • SOLAS reflective materials
  • Very easy to put on & comfortable to wear
  • Instruction on pockets/knees
  • Developed with users
  • Sizes: XSmall – XXXX Large
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