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All our safety equipment can be purchased.

For more than 35 years we sell survival suits and lifejackets for offshore use and helicopter transportation.
Biardo has a large pool of ETSO and SOLAS products:

  • Helicopter transportation suits

  • Survival / Work suits

  • Lifejackets

  • PLB

  • Immersion suits

  • Pilot suits

  • Training suits

We can provide equipment focused on the requirements of your project.

Therefore we are always happy to help you out in creating the desired personal safety package for your employees.

Please click on the links below to go directly to our products:

Helicopter transportation suits (ETSO)

Lifejacket with integrated CA-EBS (ETSO)

Lifejacket LRS002 (ETSO)

Personal locator beacons (PLB) and receivers

Working survival suits (SOLAS)

Lifejacket 275N (SOLAS)

Lifejacket (CE)

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