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This comfortable ETSO/EASA approved survival suit is one of our new developments for your safety! We have used the feedback of our passengers to optimize the PTS004 helicopter transport suit.

A production- or drilling platform is a fire danger area, especially when helicopters have to be refueled. The PTS004 is fire retardant, because of the Gore-Tex Nomex 3 layer and the use of Neoprene hood, gloves, wrist- and neck seals. This helicopter transport suit is 100% watertight and because of the breathability of the Gore-Tex it is very comfortable to wear. Using the PTS004 helicopter transport suit will increase the chance to survive in case of emergency.


  • ETSO approved
  • Made of Gore/Tex-Nomex 3 layer OWFS
  • Fire retardant Nomex-Gore/Tex
  • PTS004 with diagonal zipper
  • 100% watertight
  • Detachable lining with zipper, made of FR breathable Nomex
  • Lining with integrated SilverPlus technology, more hygienic
  • Neoprene FR neck and wrist seals
  • Hood and gloves made of FR neoprene
  • No obstacles like valves and zippers on the outside
  • Socks
  • Big pockets
  • SOLAS reflective materials
  • Very easy to put on & comfortable to wear
  • Instruction on pockets/knees
  • Developed with users
  • Sizes: XSmall – XXXX Large

Our new PTS helicopter tranport suit with the next safety innovation:

  • ​Fire retardant neck seal
  • Fire retardant wrist seals (cuff)
  • Fire retardant lining with SILVER+, much more comfort and hygiene
  • No obstacles on the outside
  • No valves
  • No zippers
  • This makes salvage more easy
  • Our PTS003 & PTS004 are provided with Silver+ lining
  • Freshness and hygiene during wearing/using a textile
  • Laundry gets hygienically clean even at 40 °C
  • Outstanding wash permanence
  • Saving of laundries
  • Synergism of hygiene management and optimised moisture transport
  • Silver+ a.k.a. Silver plus


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