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  • Ergonomic construction and detachable thermal liner offer a high degree of flexibility

  • Articulated knees and elbows

  • Easy access storage pockets, lifting strap, hard toe boots, soft neoprene seals and integrated hood adapted to use of helmet

  • Highly dirt repellent outer fabric ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Approved to be used without a lifejacket in AES-version (with lining)

  • SOLAS approvals in accordance with the LSA-Code:

  • 1.5a as uninsulated 1 hour suit in watertemp <5°C without lining

  • 1.6c as AES suit with lining

  • 1.5 as insulated 6 hour suit in watertemp <2°C with lining

  • ISO 15027 approvals as Constant Wear Suit:

  • Thermal class D; 2 hours in watertemp <10°C without lining

  • Thermal class B; 4 hours in watertemp <2°C with lining


This is a durable and flexible, next generation immersion and anti-exposure suit (AES) for use in severe conditions. SeaWork has been developed in cooperation with users and is intended for maintenance work in exposed areas aboard ships and on offshore
installations. Its ergonomic, modern construction makes the suit  comfortable to work in. The dirt repellent material used simplifies cleaning. The suit is multi-certified and can be supplied with or without a lining. Without a lining, it is certified as a 1-hour immersion suit, and must be used in combination with an approved lifejacket. With lining, the suit is approved as an AES-suit and insulated 6-hour immersion suit. When used as an AES-suit a lifejacket is not required.

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