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  • Buoyancy pillow in back ensures correct floating position and free-board

  • Immersion suit for the merchant fleet

  • Flame retardant 5 mm neoprene - with knitted polyester backing for durability

  • Emergency light

  • With buddy line and floating hook

  • Lifting strap with stainless steel D-ring and carbine hook

  • Waterproof main zip in PU/Plastic - easy to close

  • Approved reflective patches

  • Integrated hood with extra closure

  • Watertight cuffs

  • Detachable gloves attached by elastic bands - stored under flap on sleeves

  • Velcro tighteners in legs

  • Rubber soles for optimal grip on slippery surface

  • SOLAS improved and in accordance with LSA code MED 1.6b as an insulated immersion suit designed to be worn without a life-jacket

  • Accepted as an immersion suit by Transport Canada and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS)

  • May be vacuum packed for extended service intervals (maximum 5 years)


SeaEco+ is a further development of our SeaEco immersion suit. The major difference is that this suit is certified for use without a lifejacket. Built-in buoyancy in the collar ensures proper a floating position and adequate freeboard. Vacuum packing saves space and
extends the mandatory service interval, which in turn makes this suit excellent value.

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