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  • CAA-UK/ETSO/EASA approved

  • CA-EBS system housed-in the cover

  • Provided with a 275N buoyancy body

  • Neoprene material & rounding in the neck part, more comfort

  • Excellent design

  • Easy in use

  • Provided with a crotch strap

  • Provided with a new type of spray hood

  • User-friendly / Easy to handle nose-clip

  • Available with integrated PLB (optional)

  • Maintenance friendly

  • For sale and for rent


LRS002 lifejacket with EBS
Lifejacket with integrated CA-EBS
This lifejacket is fully compliance with the latest CAA-UK / EASA / ETSO requirements. The
LRS002 has a complete CA-EBS (compressed air emergency breathing system) as required
by the CAP 1034 (CAT-A) & CAP 1145 requirements set by the CAA-UK. The system has a a
0.3 liter compressed air cylinder with a capacity of 60 liters breathable air, ready for cold
water operation. The CA-EBS system is fully integrated in the one-piece cover of this
lifejacket, resulting in better hygiene and safety for the passengers (no obstruction while
boarding or leaving the helicopter & no accidental activation).


The LRS002 is developed as a very user friendly system and will always be handled,
maintained and serviced at the highest industry standard by our professional personnel.
Our facilities and personnel are therefore EASA approved.


All the passengers of helicopters above sea areas would be happy to wear this lifejacket
with compressed air – emergency breathing system together with our Helicopter
Transportation Suits (PTS003 & PTS004) because of the comfort and safety.

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