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The perfect solution for each project you can rent at BIARDO SURVIVAL SUITS

For more than 35 years we rent out survival suits and life jackets for offshore use and helicopter transportation.
Biardo has a large pool of ETSO and SOLAS rental products:

  • Helicopter transportation suits

  • Survival / Work suits

  • Life jackets

  • PLB's

  • Immersion suits

  • Pilot suits

which almost every offshore company can use.

Always available from a location nearby.

Advantages of rental for our customers:

  • Always up to date survival suits, life jackets and plb’s

  • Fully certified against the highest standards required for all products

  • Including full maintenance

  • Once a month a total invoice with attached details

  • No Purchase costs

  • No warehousing

  • No Logistics

  • Ad hoc availability

  • Short- and long term rental

  • We ship all over the world


All in one solutions:

  • We can provide rental equipment when you send your equipment in for service

  • We can provide equipment focused on the project requirements

  • We can provide any combination of equipment, suits, life jackets  & personal locator beacons

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