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  •  Made of the most modern materials

  •  Very light of weight

  •  Very comfortable in use & easy to put on and off

  •  Neoprene material & rounding in the neck part, more comfort

  •  Provided with a solas light

  •  Provided with a crotch strap

  •  Provided with a 275N buoyancy body

  •  Provided with a new type of spray hood

  •  Provided with clear instructions for use

  •  Available with integrated PLB (optional)

  •  Can be provided with a personal label

  •  For sale and for rent

LRS001 Lifejacket Rebreather System
The LRS001 lifejacket rebreather is released in September 2013. It took Biardo over two
years to develop this new lifejacket with rebreather.

This has resulted in one of the best and most modern lifejacket rebreather systems
according to the latest ETSO / EASA regulations.

The LRS001 is improved on several points compared with existing similar products, like the
Life jacket Airpocket Plus (LAP). The neck part is rounded and is provided with neoprene.
That makes the LRS001 very comfortable to use and wear. The LRS001 lifejacket
rebreather system is available with an integrated PLB (optional). It consists of a 275N gas
inflation to secure a stable floating position. It has a breathing system with a spare
compressed air bottle, which is fitted with an automatic inflator with a volume of 4 liters
breathing air in the counter bladder. Accessories like an improved bigger spray hood, solas
light and whistle are included.

The LRS001 lifejacket rebreather system is available as rental or for sale. All passengers of
helicopters above sea areas would be grateful to wear the LRS001 lifejacket rebreather
system, because of the high comfort and safety.

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