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BIARDO 300N FA SOLAS Lifejacket
The BIARDO 300N FA SOLAS lifejacket is comfortable to wear and easy to use.
This lifejacket is specially designed to wear in combination with Fall Arrests. The design of
the jackets allows the Safety Hooks of the Fall Arrest to be Free for attaching the Fall

Arrest Lines, on the Front and Back. At the back side the specially shaped Y-style backstrap
gives space for the Safety Hook of the Fall arrest. Special loops on the backside of the
are fitted, so the lifejacket can be looped onto the fall arrest, for easy donning and perfect
fit. Minimum of 275 newton when fully inflated. Suitable for user of 43KG upwards.


  •  Rough outer fabrics available in two options:

  •  Orange (PVC) or Red (Cordura)

  •  Loops to attach the fall arrest

  •  High visibility bladder

  •  Spray hood

  •  Provided with a crotch strap

  •  Water activated SOLAS light

  •  Twin chamber security

  •  Contoured head and neck support

  •  Lightweight and comfortable to wear

  •  Automatic inflation by contact with water or manual inflation

  •  SOLAS retro-reflective tape

  •  Whistle, Grab loop and Buddy Line

  •  Available with integrated PLB

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